Analysis of ARC Grants in Religion and Theology

This analysis is on past grants information available on the Australian Research Council (ARC) website. The initial analysis was conducted by Paul Oslington in 2012, with some additional grants kindly identified by ARC General Manager Leanne Harvey. It was updated in 2018 by Nick Jensen under the supervision of Paul Oslington. See relevant files below:

Analysis of ARC Grants in Theology 2002-2018

Journal rankings in Religion and Theology 2019


Economic Benefits of Australian Theological Education

Paul Olsington, Professor of Economics and Theology, Alphacrucis College, has conducted a project on the Economic Benefits of Australian Theological Education. See relevant files below:

Project report

Infographic – Benefits of Australian Theological Education

Portrait of the Sector Spreadsheet – July 2020

Economic Value Theology Spreadsheet – July 2020


ANZATS has been involved in two research projects, Uncovering Theology (2008-2009) and Transforming Theology (2011-2012). You can read about these projects here.

Uncovering Theology

Transforming Theology