Meet the President, Executive Officer, Vice President (Australia), Vice President (New Zealand) and the ANZATS Directors:


President, ANZATS
Peter Sherlock
University of Divinity

Vice President (Australia), ANZATS
Christy Capper
Wollaston Theological College

Vice President (New Zealand), ANZATS
Dr Greg Liston
Laidlaw College

Treasurer, ANZATS
Peter Laughlin
Australian College of Ministry

Executive Officer, ANZATS
Dr Michelle Eastwood
Australian Lutheran College


Sam Hey
Christian Heritage College, Qld

Jeff Aernie
Alphacrucis University College

Victoria Lorrimar
Trinity, QLD

David Tombs
Otago, NZ

Anna Nuernberger
Australian Lutheran College

Editor of Colloquium:

Rev Megan Powell du Toit
Australian College of Theology
5/33 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9262 7890