About us

About us

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools Ltd was formed in 1968, and comprises the university theology programmes and the theological colleges and seminaries of the Christian churches in Australia and New Zealand, together with individual members of the Association. ANZATS publishes the peer-reviewed journal Colloquium in May and November each year.

ANZATS has recently undertaken several significant organisational changes including changing its name to the Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Studies Ltd (ANZATS).

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Studies Ltd is governed by a Constitution and registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission as a public company limited by guarantee. A copy of the recently revised Constitution (2021) is available to view here.

ANZATS objectives:

  1. To provide a meeting ground where contemporary theological inquiry, particularly in its engagement with the Australian and New Zealand contexts, may be collectively encouraged and pursued, by like-minded individuals and institutions;
  2. To encourage Members to ensure that their own and others’ theological learning and teaching is conversant and engaged with a rapidly-changing world;
  3. To encourage Members to make theologically astute representations to governments, churches and other bodies on matters of broad socio-political, and ecclesial, concern;
  4. To foster collaborative teaching and research networks amongst Members;
  5. To facilitate the development of theological scholars – particularly graduate research students and early career researchers – including through the provision of regular conferences, the creation and support of state-level chapters, and by encouraging forums for networking across the theology sector;
  6. To encourage efficient and environmentally-sustainable use of resources in the pursuit of theological enquiry;
  7. To promote continuous quality improvement in theological inquiry and education.