Volume 51:1 June 2019

Volume 51:1 June 2019


Megan Powell du Toit
Enhancing the Evidence Base for Australian Theological Research
Paul Oslington, Nick Jensen, and Ingrid Ryan
Dying Without a Script: Some Theological Reflections on Voluntary Assisted Dying
Jason Goroncy
Hope, Self-Denial and the Love of God: Towards a Kierkegaardian Perspective on Self-Condemnation-Unto-Death
G. P. Marcar
Sacrifice and Creation: An Ecotheological Perspective
Evan Pederick
Dying and Living with Christ: A Sketch of a Participatory Theory of the Atonement Founded in Platonic Realism and an Irenaean “Soul-Making” Theodicy
Albert R. Haig
[Article Review] On Not Violently Disposing of Life: Brad Evans and Henry Giroux’s Disposable Futures Violating Life—Together
John McDowell
Book Reviews 122


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