Volume 49:2 November 2017

Volume 49:2 November 2017


Megan Powell du Toit
The Construction of Masculinity in the Theology of Sacrifice
Delfo C. Canceran
Sell Your Possessions: Cyprian, Luke, and Wealth
Edwina Murphy
From Marginalisation to Leadership: Reshaping a Theology and Praxis of Mission
Robyn Reynolds
Understanding the Trinity: Occasion for Unity or Division?
Paul D. Molnar
“Like One of the Old Apostles”: The Acts of the Apostles and George Whitfield’s Criteria for Describing Preaching Events
Ian Maddock
Was Calvin an Implicit Pantheist? Nominalist Theism, Secondary Causation, and the Eleatic Principle
Albert R. Haig
Book Reviews 80
Books Received 105

Books Reviewed

Mary L. Coloe, University of Divinity. Early Church Understandings of Jesus as the Female Divine: The SCANDAL of the Scandal of Particularity, Sally Douglas (LNTS 557. London: Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2016), 229 pp. ISBN 978-0-56766-714-4

Christopher Seglenieks, Bible College of South Australia, Australian College of Theology. Roman Faith and Christian Faith: PISTIS and FIDES in the Early Roman Empire and Early Churches, Teresa Morgan (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015). ISBN: 978-0-19-872414-8

Sarah L. Hart, Good Shepherd College/ Sydney College of Divinity. Time, Text, and Temple: Literary, Historical and Ritual Studies in Leviticus, Eds., Francis Landy, Leigh M. Trevaskis, and Bryan D. Bibb. (Sheffi eld: Sheffi eld Phoenix Press, 2015), xi + 239 pp. ISBN 978-1-909697-51-5

Darren Cronshaw, AuburnLife, Baptist Union of Victoria, Hawthorn, Victoria. Faith: Embracing Life in all its Uncertainty, Tim Costello (Melbourne, VIC: Hardie Grant, 2016). 263pp. ISBN 978-1-74379-192-9

Deborah Guess, Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity. Making All Things NeW: Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness, Ilia Delio (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 2015). ISBN: 978-1-62698-136-2

Stuart Weir, Glasgow. Hard Work Never Killed Anybody: How the Idolisation of Work Sustains this Deadly Lie, John Bottomley (Northcote: Morning Start Publishing 2015). ISBN 978-1-92520-886-3

Fergus J. King, Trinity College, University of Divinity. Discovering John: Content, Interpretation, Reception, Ruth B. Edwards (Second edition; London: SPCK, 2014). ISBN: 978-0-28106-969-9

Fergus J. King, Trinity College, University of Divinity. Reading 1 Corinthians With Philosophically Educated Women, Nathan J. Barnes (Eugene: Pickwick, 2014). ISBN: 978-1-62032-572-8

Peter Sellick. Sacramental Presence after Heidegger: Ontotheology, Sacraments, and the Mother’s Smile, Conor Sweeney (Eugene: Cascade, 2015). ISBN: 978-1-49822-227-3


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